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Rachna thakkar

Malaansh Services(Founder)


We created Maalansh Services with the idea of using our creativity & Imagination. Honesty, respect for one another, and dedication are the cornerstones of Maalansh Services. We keep making investments in our buildings and our cherished employees. Innovation and continuous improvement are welcomed by all employees and are ingrained in our business model. We have a skilled, committed team under strong leadership that works hard to provide our customers with products of the highest caliber.

At Maalansh, customer satisfaction is a top priority. We are adaptable and nimble in our ability to provide traditional values with contemporary thinking and technology, which enables us to be responsive to our customers’ shifting needs.

About us

The most imaginative event planning and production company in Patna, Malaansh Services, began operations in 2015. Our creative team has a plan for the Generation stage that they flawlessly execute, and we expertly manage every aspect of the event. We necessitate original thought, exact planning, and meticulous attention to detail. Maalansh Services organizes cultural shows to raise money, advertise the company, or attract new clients. We have successfully managed numerous weddings, engagements, birthday parties, concerts, corporate events, photo and video shoots, and other events. Their efforts produce weddings and events that are unforgettable and also make you feel special.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to show creativity at its best. Here at Malaansh Services, we firmly believe in the power of life-changing encounters. Our goal is to create exceptional events that enhance brands, foster community, and leave enduring memories. We are passionate about creativity, accuracy, and unmatched customer satisfaction. You can be sure that working with us will result in a smooth process from conception to execution and an event that surpasses your expectations. Collaboration is essential to success, in our opinion. When you select us as your event partner, we join forces with the rest of your team to realize your visions. To create a seamless fusion of creativity and strategy, we pay close attention to your ideas, worries, and aspirations and combine them with our knowledge. We keep lines of communication open at all times to make sure you are informed and involved at every stage of the procedure.

Our vision

We are dedicated to realizing your vision because it serves as our beacon. Whether you have a specific idea in mind or need our knowledge to help you shape your concepts, we are here to listen, comprehend, and carry out. You can have faith that your event is in capable hands when you work with us, as they are committed to making your vision a memorable reality. At Malaansh, we value innovation and keep up with current market trends. To make sure your event stands out and leaves a lasting impression, we constantly research new concepts, technologies, and strategies. Our cutting-edge solutions are made to enthrall your audience, produce unforgettable experiences, and strengthen the identity of your brand.

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